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To all Apt Scaffolding employees,

Given the global situation we are all facing we are sure some serious challenges lay ahead. We will be doing our level best to make sure we can continue working, to keep us all employed for as long as possible. The situation is constantly unfolding and as a responsible business and employer all we can do is to monitor the situation and react accordingly. Please be advised we have no intention to close down or suspend works unless;

1) our clients ask us to do so,

2) our supply chain are unable to provide us with the goods and materials to continue working efficiently

3) the government impose a national or regional shutdown.

We all have a corporate and social responsibility too, and therefore if you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid 19 we would ask you to be diligent and responsible by not coming to work. You should take all reasonable precautions to protect yourself and others around you by following government and The World Health Organisation advice. https://www.who.int/ .

We remain committed to our clients and our valued workforce, rest assured we will keep a positive attitude and hope our business is not affected too adversely. We thank you for your continued support, enthusiasm and overall work ethic.

I have attached a copy of our employee handbook for your reference, and I would ask for you to read page 34 regarding lay off/short time working.

Please also see attached additional information attached regarding the Coronavirus and steps that you can take to avoid spreading or catching the virus.

If anyone has any queries relating to this email please get in contact with either myself or Yani, as we are always available.

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